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What makes us different.
For most of our lives, my wife and I have grew up on, worked at or been around a farm. We both have also had years of retail pet experience. The thing that we have always noticed is that they are two different points of view and rightfully so. Your farmer or breeder is focused more on the production of the product and your pet store the presentation. What we are doing is bringing the two together. We are a small family farm that focuses our efforts on quality rather than quantity. All our animals are subject to interaction with our children from day one on our farm. We find that this interaction creates a better pet quality animal. Our bunnies are litter box trained and allowed to freely roam at different times to prevent the scatter affect when put down. While we do focus on breed standards for both our bunnies and chickens, we do not avoid the cute factor in an almost perfect animal. If you are breeding for show standards, we do have lines that are pedigreed and either been shown or offspring of show bunnies.  

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