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So we are building these awesome chickens coops that are easily convert-able to fantastic rabbit hutch. They have two long air vents that are predator proof and provide plenty of air flow. For the chickens the front has a sliding door to enter and exit, the rabbit hutch will have two hinges at the bottom and a full wire front so you can drop it open to allow maximum air flow in the summer and close it back for the winter. They also have side doors for ease of cleaning with wood bottoms. The back is 3/4 opening to access your egg boxes and nests. For the rabbit hutch it will be a wall with an entry door for their hides. Painted aluminum roof of your color and all the hardware and locks/latches for the doors. They are $200 for the basic models in the pictures and $250 for the upgraded premium models. The premium models have all black hardware and and two side access doors instead of one. You can add to these and put in lighting and/or the Klondike package.The Klondike package is $50 and has an extra layer of paneling with thermal insulation behind it and an insulated bottom. The lighting package is $50 and would have a built in light socket for low watt heat bulbs, light switch and plug. They are built to order and take about 2-4 days. A %25-%50 deposit may be required to build.

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